Strong Network of Support

“Sandra is very approachable, hardworking and committed. She consistently goes above and beyond her duties as City of Vaughan Ward 4 Councillor – from playing a big role in the development and completion of great community parks, our community center and library, to fighting against the proposed Vaughan casino. Sandra can be counted on to get the job done.”

Lisa Cantkier, Nutritionist - Author - Educator

“I wholeheartedly support Sandra Yeung Racco in her bid for re-election as Councillor for Ward 4 in the City of Vaughan.  I have known Sandra for approximately 10-years in various capacities, including within her professional capacity as a conduit for Vaughan and through my many roles within the community (such as co-chairing a fundraiser with Sandra for Mackenzie Health).  During these years, I have known Sandra to be of the highest integrity and character.  She also possesses an unparalleled work ethic and is extremely organized.  Perhaps all the more impressive is her ability to balance competing obligations and views in a respectful but forceful manner with a view toward economic responsibility and positive growth, as demonstrated by her efforts in ensuring that downtown Vaughan is developed appropriately and in the interests of all of her constituents.”

Andy Chan, Immediate Past President of the Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan Chinese Business Association

“Sandra is one of the hardest-working and accomplished individuals I know.  Her success as a three-term Vaughan Councillor is a true testament to her deep connection to the community and intense dedication to public service.  Sandra is vibrant, energetic and a proven leader who listens, acts and delivers on the initiatives that have consistently improved the quality of life for her constituents.  I am proud to support her campaign for re-election so she can continue her excellent work.”

Michael Chan, Former MPP, Markham Thornhill

“As a resident of Ward 4, Vaughan; I am glad that we have our councillor Sandra Yeung Racco is continuing to join the re-election and service our community. Our community is extremely diversified, as a first-generation immigrant, I and my neighbours are extremely fortunate to have a fabulous councillor like Sandra. We have all experienced some difficulties in our life: Once, our intake water unit was not functioning, Water leaks all over the basement, we didn’t know who to call and out of curiosity- I called Sandra’s office, and she pick it up HERSELF. She took down my address and even book the appointment for me with City water department. This is what I called: people’s leader, the one who cares, the one we endure. Furthermore, two years ago, I was struggling to find an office + warehouse to purchase for our business, I though about Sandra. After the call, she and her husband connected me 3 local well-know relators and found us the building. The huge difference is not only Sandra help my business to grow but more importantly help the business to create more jobs and paying the taxes within City of Vaughan to release the stress for every single resident. Whether its personal or business, I am truly appreciated Sandra’s hardworking ethics as Vaughan’s citizen’s government servant!”

Irwin Li, resident on Carrier Cres, Maple 

“Sandra Racco brings in a wealth of experience to residents in the City of Vaughan. She is proactive in listening to residents and actively involves herself in all community events.  Sandra is responsive in addressing residents issues with the appropriate departments at the City of Vaughan and follows up promptly to ensure it will be resolved. Her commitment and dedication are evident in work she has put into Ward 4 and she has my vote for the upcoming election.”

Debbie Fung, Resident, Ward 4

“We are proud to say firsthand what an incredible pillar of support Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco has been to the youth of Ward 4. The Odd Sox Project was a small idea started by two 10 year olds in an effort to help the homeless. We reached out to the Councillor requesting her support and without question, she offered unconditional support. She takes time out of her busy schedule and shows up at every sock drive and every event held. She not only offers them professional guidance, she has made it a point to continue to recognize and mentor them as their mission continues to grow. Councillor Yeung Racco not only supports the youth in our community, she show such a commitment to all her constituents. She listens to the needs of the people and deals with all issues with intelligence, honesty and transparency. We hope that her continued dedication to the people and community speaks for itself and allows her to continue in office.”

Carly and Charley, The Odd-Sox Project

“Sandra has been always giving great supports for our community, no matter if it’s regarding neighborhood safety, traffics and issues with developers and etc. Every time, we need helps or guidance and contact her, she’ll reply back immediately and  if within her authority, she’ll take actions to coordinate with related dep. of the city to try to solve the problems asap. In my opinion, not only she has the full heart to serve  Vaughan residents well, but  also she has the strong dedication to make our city an excellent place to live and work. In the coming election, I think, many neighbors, as me, will still vote for Sandra for the 5th term as City Councillor. Way to go, Sandra!”

Shilun (Gary) Wan, President of The Upper Thornhill & Area Community Association 

“I have known Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco for over 20 years, and I have had the pleasure to work with her on numerous community events, including the Taste of Asia Festival and the City of Vaughan Chinese New Year event. She is always dedicated and hardworking, and she has worked tirelessly over the years to organize events that encourage inclusivity within diversity within the community. She has always worked for the residents for the betterment of the community, and it is for these reasons that she will always have my support. 

Dr. Ken Ng, Chairman, Federation of Chinese Canadians in York Region

“I have worked closely with Sandra in the past on the Vaughan casino issue as my City Councillor. 

I have seen first-hand how she goes to bat for her constituents and her dedication to serving our community.  She is a strong advocate for doing what’s right and looks out for the best interest of the people she serves at all times. Sandra is definitely a Councillor you would want to represent you in our community.” 

B. Yuan, Resident

“Sandra Racco has been my local Councillor for the past 13 years. Whenever I have had an issue both she and her office have been very helpful in dealing with the issue. I really appreciate her involvement and concern for her constituents. She also responds very quickly and in a friendly and professional manner to messages both by email and social media, often outside of regular office hours.  I will be voting for Sandra in the upcoming Municipal election.”

Reesa Rosen, Resident

“I have known Sandra for her last 4 terms as Ward 4 Councillor. This fact itself needs no advocacy! Bottom line are the actions , The results! 

As I have been living in Thornhill Woods for the last 16 years since 2002 (first 10 homes to be occupied), I can testify from first hand that we had and still have big challenges! Five out of the 16 years I volunteered as the President of the Community Association (TWCA). One of the biggest sub divisions in the GTA with four schools (5000 kids walking to school every morning), seven green parks and wide municipal / Regional roads, which cause traffic issues. 

Over the years we have learned that Councillor Racco approaches every issue with open mind, pragmatism and solution orientation!  Knowing that 49 Languages are spoken in Thornhill Woods (School surveys), Sandra understood right from day 1, how diverse and multi cultural this community is! Her approach has always been inclusive, patient and supportive. I can absolutely testify that Councillor Racco is not hesitating to take any challenge, that needs her attention! To mention few are the traffic tough issues (Installing Round abuts). The journey of establishment of the State-of-the-Art North Thornhill Community Centre, the fight for a new Library, The Pleasant Ridge Library (opened its doors three years ago), keeping the parks safe day, and night upon residents who have many concerns and more. 

We see Councillor Racco in all our community events… weekdays, weekends, Holidays… Sandra and her family are always with the community…. not showing up only to cut ribbons but staying active the whole event! This is not obvious! 

Councillor Racco is a true workaholic! Any resident in this sub-division who communicated with Sandra, will tell you she replies to e-mails at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 pm regularly! things get immediate attention and are taken care in the morning by her dedicated office staff! This is exceptional knowing we are being heard on a regular basis, not before elections. 

We wish luck to Councillor Racco! You have our support and blessing! Thank you.”

Maya Goldenberg, B.A., M.A, Ph.D., Resident

"I have known Sandra as my Councillor for over 10 years. Every time I experienced an issue or problem in my neighbourhood, Sandra responded quickly and effectively, always taking my issues seriously. She demonstrates a tireless commitment to the constituents of her Ward and to the greater good of all Vaughan residents. Lobbying against a Casino, pushing for better public transit, and tackling litter in our communities and parks are just a few of Sandra’s numerous achievements as Councillor that I have personally witnessed and that have made Vaughan a better place to live." 

Andrea Kuprejanov-Hatzis, Resident

"We, the members of Korean-Canadian Alliance (KCA), strongly recommend 

this incumbent because of her promise to support the needs of our community.

Let's cast our precious votes to benefit our community and for our next generation."

Bob Bak, President and Membersof the KOREAN-CANADIAN ALLIANCE

Sandra is a strong, hardworking and experienced Councillor for the residents of Vaughan. She has a long history of serving her constituents with integrity and compassion.

 Jean Yip, Scarborough - Agincourt

"I have known Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco since 1998 in various capacities.  Sandra has always been an honest, trustworthy and compassionate community representative. Sandra is always prepared to listen, discern and develop a plan on how best to tackle the issue at hand for the best interest of the community.

As the Vice Chair and Catholic School Board Trustee for the Concord and Thornhill community for the past 8 years, I have worked closely with Councillor Racco on a variety of issues. Councillor Racco has regularly attended school events such as performances, fundraisers, and secondary school graduations.  She has heard our community’s concern regarding crossing guards, speeding and issues in neighbourhood parks and ensured that solutions were quickly implemented.

As the President of the Concord West Ratepayers Association, I can attest to the care, personal involvement and presence Councillor Racco has for our community. Whether it be an issue in our park or a more complex problem – Councillor Racco has consistently had the Concord West community’s best interest in mind.

I unreservedly and whole-heartedly support and endorse Sandra Yeung Racco as Local Councillor for the Ward 4 community in Vaughan.  Sandra Racco is my only choice."

Cathy Ferlisi, Resident, Vice-chair & Catholic School Board Trustee (YRCSB)

President, Concord West Ratepayers’ Association

Dear Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco,

"On behalf of the Chabad Maple Jewish Community I would like to express our deep admiration and sincere appreciation for your steadfast commitment to the betterment of our community.  Your swift and attentive care to resolving issues in our community is admirable and very much appreciated. Thank you for being so responsive to both large and even relatively small issues that affect our community. 

Thank you for showing support for our community by attending Holiday and community events throughout the year. You’ve been extremely helpful in connecting us with other community groups in Vaughan such as the Senior Chinese Canadian community to help us with our Chinese themed Purim celebration. We appreciate your help with coordinating with the Vaughan Fire Chief to assist us with our Chanukah Gelt Drop. 

Thank You for Your genuine care and assistance in the growth & development of our thriving community. May God give you the strength and wisdom to continue to lead and serve our community for many more years to come."

I humbly remain,

Rabbi Chezky Deren
Chabad of Maple

"I have known Sandra as my Councillor for over 10 years. Every time I experienced an issue or problem in my neighbourhood, Sandra responded quickly and effectively, always taking my issues seriously. She demonstrates a tireless commitment to the constituents of her Ward and to the greater good of all Vaughan residents. Lobbying against a Casino, pushing for better public transit, and tackling litter in our communities and parks are just a few of Sandra’s numerous achievements as Councillor that I have personally witnessed and that have made Vaughan a better place to live." 

Andrea Kuprejanov-Hatzis, Resident

"Your credentials as a dedicated public servant have not gone unnoticed by the citizens of Ward 4 and those of the entire city of Vaughan, over the past years.

Your tireless efforts are greatly appreciated, as are the goals that you have articulated for Ward 4 in which my organization is situated. Your dedication to professionalism and being the listening ears and a positive voice for Ward 4 won my support.

I believe you will be a true advocate for everyone, and that you will help ensure that every Ward 4 citizen truly experiences good governance. I wish you the very best in the forthcoming elections and urge my Ward 4 neighbors to cast their vote for you."

Pastor Tayo Ojajuni